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Antistress sprays for plants


Fyto-fitness means are designed to suppress the effects of plant stressors such as cold, higher temperature, deficiency of nutrients, moisture as well as sunlight on economically used green higher vascular plants and to increase the vitality of these plants. In addition, treated plants strengthen their autoimmune system against pests and diseases due to increased auto production of phytoalexins. The application form of the means is used as a spraying on the surface of the above-ground part of the plant (leaves), not by watering in the soil, 2 to 5 times during vegetation at one year or 2 to 5 times during the growing year of multi-year plants. The means can be used in combination with an aqueous solution / emulsion / suspension of any plant protection products (pesticides) or aqueous solution / emulsion / suspension of other phyto-effectors in agrotechnical terms and at concentrations recommended by their manufacturer, except for pesticides containing elementary sulfur or chemically bound sulfur in negative oxidation states (polysulfides, thiocarbamates, etc.). If the plant is not listed in the Application Table. The application routes for the nearest appropriate plant species / type are used. The means should not be applied if the outdoor temperature is higher than 23 ° C. The most suitable application time is in the morning, morning dew is not a defect.

Phyto-fitness facilities are safe for humans, bees and environment, generally.